These are one-hour supplementary self-improvement events designed to augment dance and movement classes and target current issues that children face. The workshops will equip children with the tools and techniques to successfully navigate through these challenging areas.  They are designed to provide a holistic, well-balanced approach to dance through personal development.


Designed to educate kids on how to make healthy food choices, which foods to eat at which times when on the go or at home and why, and portion control presented in an engaging and memorable way.

Cool Charm 

The Boulder version of southern cotillion.  This teaches kids basic manners and social skills around common situations such as personal introductions, phone manners, table manners, use of technology, being a host/hostess or guest, and basic conversational skills.

Healthy Hygiene Habits

Presented in a comfortable and non-embarrassing manner, this workshop is designed to help form good hygiene habits early.  Head to-toe-care and respect for the body will be covered.

Self-Growth and Esteem

This workshops focuses on instilling the power of positive thinking and a "can-do" attitude at an early age and the importance of keeping a good outlook as we grow up.  It includes powerful tools such as creating kids visions boards and picture journaling.

Peer Relations

Kids will learn how to positively and successfully deal with peer issues such as conflict, peer pressure, behavior, and mutual respect through role-playing exercises that provide them the skills and experience to successfully deal with these situations when they arise in real-life.

Emotional Wellness

Designed to help kids learn how to deal with and manage their emotions through practicing powerful hands-on techniques and tactics designed to prevent escalation and provide an "emotional tool chest" for kids to access in tough situations.

Mind / Body / Spirit Balance

This fun workshop focuses on balancing human energy of the mind, body, spirit and emotions.  It educates kids on the seven chakras of the body and other basic energy systems.  We will incorporate the five senses in activities with various exciting props and tools.

Goal Setting / Focus / Prioritization

Designed from a practical perspective, kids will learn usable techniques to help them get organized, prioritize, focus, set goals and achieve them despite today's distractions.

Healthy Competition

This workshop will teach kids how to compete in a balanced, healthy way.  It shows kids how to win graciously, respect the talents of others, and how to lose in a way that doesn't break their spirit.


This workshop teaches kids to appreciate and embrace their differences and to see all things as unique and beautiful.  Kids will work on exercises that teach them how to form positive thoughts and statements that welcome the things that make each of us special.

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