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Studio D is unlike any other dance studio.  While our curriculum, skill, and professionalism rival that of the best studios in the country, Studio D sets itself apart by being an exclusively-kids studio.  While dance and movement education are the core of the Studio D experience, we focus on the welfare of the whole child.  When children come to dance at Studio D, they are entering into a community with authentic role models, a comfortable and respectful environment and realistic goals of learning the art of dance, however they wish to express or interpret it through their bodies.  We are helping children develop confidence through a talent they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Studio D provides a positive and fun filled creative environment for our 4 year-old daughter. She really enjoys the highly interactive classes. Miss Diana has the ability to teach age appropriate dance techniques while allowing for the children to be creative through fun and self-expression. Our daughter has truly enjoyed her dancing experience at Studio D.
— Barb Chambers


Please browse through our frequently asked questions and if you have a question about Studio D that isn't answered here, please Contact Us

How is Studio D different than other dance studios?
Studio D is a progressive Academy of Dance. It is not a recreational or “drop-in” program.  It is a school in the traditional sense in that there is annual enrollment, attendance standards, a dress code, a code of conduct, and progress reports. It is a cumulative and progressive academy, which requires certain prerequisites for advancement.  Studio D provides students with formal dance and movement education and supplementary workshops and events for a holistic, well-balanced approach to personal growth and development while offering a blank canvas for creative and emotional freedom and exploration.

Total wellness will be encouraged by urging students to make healthy choice before, during, and after class, and beyond class.   Good behavior, performance and attendance are rewarded. Studio D’s core disciplines will be enforced by positive role models, teachers, and management.  

How will my child benefit from enrolling at Studio D?
Studio D melds traditional, formal dance with non-traditional, casual dance forms.  It focuses on structure with the balance of creative freedom.  It allows personal exploration with traditional disciplines of progressive, cumulative learning, dress code, rules, and courtesy while reinforcing confidence, self-esteem, positive social skills, punctuality and responsibility.

What is Studio D?
Studio D is a progressive dance academy for kids, which provides students with a formal dance and movement education while offering supplementary workshops and events for a holistic, well-balanced approach to artistic development.

What type of dance do you offer?
Please see our list of classes. Traditional classes will include but are not limited to Ballet, Tap, Pointe, Jazz, Kinderdance, and Exceptional Dance.  The non-traditional dance and movement classes include but are not limited to Nia, Contemporary, Modern Movement, Broadway, Jamband Dancing, Hip-Hop, Self-Expression, Yoga, Pilates, Creative Movement, Ethnic Dance, Poms, Line Dancing, Emotional movement, Zumba, Social event dancing, and private lessons in any concentration.

Who can attend Studio D?
Studio D is a dance studio for children ages 3-18. Children can be either male or female. Children can have previous dance instruction or he or she can be completely new to dance.  We take all levels of children and will place them according to their skill and training. Any child is welcome at Studio D and a sliding scale is offered for a parent who qualifies financially.  Studio D is completely ADA accessible and we offer exceptional movement and expression classes for students with special mental or physical needs.

Why was Studio D created?
Studio D was created to fill the need for a balanced, holistic, yet structured approach to dance education in Boulder.  So many times children are forced into certain pressures associated with dance relating to appearance, peer pressure, competition, or weight.  With a balanced, non-western approach to exploring dance while reinforcing personal creative expression, this progressive academy provides discipline and structure in a healthy environment and encourages children to break-through their limitations and learn techniques to grow through all sorts of circumstances in life. 

Studio D will contribute to this communities’ children by providing them the opportunity to grow and explore their creativity and expression in a positive and structured environment, that aides the work of parents and schools, so that the Studio D experience might positively influence them on their life paths.  

Miss Diana is a caring and enthusiastic teacher. She really engages with the children and keeps things fun!
— Cherry Anderson

Special Offers

FREE! Hip Hop class on Tuesdays from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Space is limited so register below by entering your child's name and your information.  We will contact you with details.

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